Many business owners and managers are constantly preoccupied dealing with the daily challenges of keeping their businesses heading in the right direction. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to stop and analyse ways to tune up your processes for improved efficiency.

At XBC we can certainly assist with the following:

1. Workflows

We all have daily tasks; through repetition can be very time consuming, like your accounts payable, document scanning and archiving.
Let us evaluate your unique processes, and develop a workflow that automatically performs these manual tasks for you when required.

2. Communications

Attending to your incoming phone calls and locating your employees- on and off site, in a professional and timely manner can be difficult if you don’t have the correct equipment.
XBC, in conjunction with NEC Technology can simplify this task, and give your clients a professional and efficient experience when calling your office.
You can at a glance see who is in the office, and when they were last at their desktop. Then you can quickly and efficiently transfer calls directly to your staff, whether they are in the office or mobile.
You can also grant your staff the ability to transfer these calls back to your reception if required.
Educate and entertain your incoming callers as to what services and special offers your business has by installing a powerful and professionally scripted message on hold. This has amazing marketing potential.

3. Your Printer/Copier

Let’s simplify:
XBC can demonstrate the simplicity of having a Managed Print Service Plan

● There’s no need to purchase equipment.
● No rental contracts or a lease
● Toner, service maintenance and parts are provided at no charge

We’ll work out your printing needs and print usage requirements, and select the correct solution for you.

Call us today on 1300 170 491 and ask for a no obligation assessment for your business.