Computer viruses are still a very real threat, and as each day’s passes they’re finding new and more elaborate ways to damage our computers. To give yourself a fighting chance you need to keep informed and proactive. Keeping your antivirus updated is simply the beginning- you need real time protection to ensure dangerous software doesn’t stand a chance of harming you.

No.1 – Hardware Based Firewall Protection

This is a physical device that guards the entry point into the Internet from your network. Once they’re configured, these devices work non-stop to prevent malicious programming never enters your network.
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No.2 – Be Proactive With Your Protection.

Partnering with an IT company who ensures your security is essential. They’ll be responsible for regularly monitoring your network and identifying any potential problems. They’ll also keep your antivirus updated- removing the stress and load off your shoulders.
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No.3 – Backups Backups and More Backups!

Sadly, you can use as much safety prevention as you like and still fall prey to a virus. This is why you should always have a backup done daily- and taken off site. If all else fails, at least you’ll have peace of mind in knowing your work is secure somewhere else.
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There are various other methods one can use to prevent being attacked, however, most viruses attack through the staff themselves. Most viruses come via email- asking you to update your details or put in some sort of information. If a staff member does this in your network they’ve opened the door for an attack. Thus, it’s important you educate your team on the correct way of handling these situations. The three steps I’ve given may go some way in dealing with the damage, but prevention is always better than cure.

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