A slow network can cripple your business and dramatically decrease productivity. No one likes waiting for items to upload, buffer or download. To keep things moving, it’s key to get to the bottom of a slow network as soon as possible. Here are a few of the main issues which might be causing your advancement to grind to a halt.

Speak to your IT department.

The first way to discover the cause of your speed issues is to speak with your IT department – there may be an outage or routine maintenance scheduled. If either of these are the case, your team will be able to investigate further and solve any issues. If you need outside help, XBC IT is happy to investigate and help you come up with some solutions.

File sharing.

Another possible cause of a slow network could be extensive uploading of data to a Microsoft OneDrive or other cloud sharing application. In Australia, most internet networks are Asynchronous (it’s what the ‘a’ stands for in ADSL) – which means that your upload rate is much slower than your download speed. The best way to avoid staff complaints about speed is to update these types of applications outside of business hours when they won’t cause interruptions or headaches.

Change your browser.

Another common complaint about internet speed is “slow browsing”. Have you ever clicked on a website and waited minutes for it to open? Sometimes the cause is actually your browser. There are more options than just Internet Explorer. Try changing to Google Chrome or Firefox to see if your performance improves.

To keep things moving, give us a quick call on 1300 170 491 and we’ll advise you on how to get the speed you need to move your business along.