Backing up your data is crucial. In the blink of an eye the power goes out, systems go down, and disaster looms. Making sure that your systems are safe and your information retrievable is vital to keep your business up and running. There are two basic back-up systems every business should have in place – even if the worst never happens it is always better to be prepared than face the alternative.

Disaster Recovery

Have you ever thought about what would happen is if there was a fire or flood in your office? You may have insured your building and its contents, but what about the information? You can be back to work much faster if you have a recovery plan in place. This can be achieved by taking images of your current server and data and storing them offsite on a daily basis. This will ensure you have one less thing to worry about.

Data Backups

For smaller scale issues – when the power goes out or your work is interrupted – data recovery is the ability to retrieve a deleted, misplaced or corrupted file. The biggest insurance against loss is education of your staff on the importance of performing backups, swapping out drives and taking other security measures daily. Even one day of missing the backup process could mean a day of potential loss if disaster strikes. Develop processes and assign responsibility for them. Being cautious is being clever.

XBC IT can help you develop backup systems, find the right technology and bring peace of mind to your office. For more information on a personalized plan, please give us a call on 1300 170 491 and our team can develop something that’s right for you.