BLI Buyers Lab 2017 Pick

Ask a small business owner about their most common challenges and frustrations, and they can run the spectrum from employee attraction and retention to supply chain management. Probe a little deeper however, and trends start to emerge.

Our recent Consumer Insights Survey asked SME owners and employees about some of the most typical pain points in their business. The results were telling.

IT related issues accounted for the most-cited office frustration (40.95%). Of those, 31.09% of respondents put printing problems at the top.

Meanwhile 55.66% of businesses said that slow and inefficient printers would be enough to prompt them to consider purchasing another device. A further 30.56% of businesses consider speed of printing one of their top priorities in a new printer while 64.09% said that saving the business money was the most important benefit when selecting a new printer.

It’s clear that for the modern business a printer isn’t simply a device to produce paperwork. They are now considered a complete business and productivity solution.

The Latest Addition To Our Trophy Cabinet

It’s not surprising then that the FUJIFILM DocuPrint CM315z has been awarded the prestigious Buyers Lab Pick award 2017 for Outstanding Color MFP for Small Workgroups.

As the leading independent global document imaging product test lab in the world, Buyers Laboratory (BLI) test hundreds of new machines in numerous categories each year, with fierce competition for any award. The FUJIFILM DocuPrint CM315z came out on top thanks to its advanced features and overall performance combined with ease of use and impeccable reliability.

“Its intuitive, easy-to-navigate touchscreen control panel and well-organised print driver simplify walk-up and workstation activity, helping to keep workflow moving,” said Kaitlin Shaw, BLI Editor for Printers and A4 MFPs.

BLI was also impressed with the device’s extensive range of features.

“Uncommon for models in this class, the unit supports edge erase and background suppression for copied documents, as well as an array of ID card copy options, including background suppression and other image quality adjustments,” BLI Senior Test Technician Tony Maceri.

If your business is in desperate need of a new multifunction device, it’s time to learn more about the DocuPrint CM315z and see what all the fuss is about.

Best In Class Print Quality

Following in the footsteps of the successful DocuCentre SC2020, the DocuPrint CM315z also has best-in-class 1200 x 2400 dpi print quality.

Any business – a real estate agent trying to get a listing for a $1m property, a travel agent trying to sell holiday packages to Madrid, or a restaurant trying to promote their new Autumn menu all want the same thing from their A4 colour page – an impressive document that puts their offer in the best possible light so they can increase sales. A printer that effectively communicates your promotions, designs and ideas on paper is the best place to start.

Keeping A Mobile Workforce On The Move

Research shows that 83% of workplaces are interested in developing mobile printing capability, yet only 14% of them have implemented wireless printing of some capacity in their office. The new 315 range helps meet this demand.

Standard support for WiFi and WiFi-direct, plus support for Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria and of course the FUJIFILM Print Utility covers all the bases. Any user can print directly from an iOS device without needing to download an app or print drivers of any kind, for the ultimate in convenience.

The ability for sales people to walk into an office, print their quotes directly off their phone, get back on the road and keep selling is an invaluable productivity tool for any business.

Complete Tasks Faster With Smart@Work One Touch

All businesses have daily repetitive tasks, which can be monotonous, tedious, boring and tiresome. They are also prone to human error. The DocuPrint CM315z takes a complex, common task (scan, copy, email, fax) and simplifies the process through a Smart icon.

Make your daily work processes a breeze by creating your own custom ‘app’, which allows you to convert complex processes into a simplified command you can access with a click of a button, giving you quick access to frequently used and complex functions. For even more convenience, you can rearrange your icons to easily access the functions you use the most.  Your business is freed of time-consuming manual scanning, copying, emailing and faxing processes allowing you to get more work done in less time.

The built-in USB port makes walk-up functionality simple, allowing you to print and scan to and from a USB memory stick without the need of a PC.

Increased Security

New data released this month revealed that an astonishing 1 in 5 Australian SME have been the victim of a cyber attack, with the average financial loss for these attacks totalling $6,600. The report emphasises the importance of security in our online and ever-connected environment.

Many businesses aren’t aware that their printer can play a crucial role in the security of the wider business, offering a potential access point for hackers. For users in today’s business environment, security is paramount.

The DocuPrint CM315z is equipped with advanced technology designed to safeguard your business’ critical data against a potential attack from multiple points of access. Built-in security features such as IPV6, IPsec, Secure HTTPs (SSL) and SNMPV3 delivers required security to keep your confidential data safe.

Advanced security features, such as Secure Print, allows you to set a password on your print job which means that the data is encrypted for transmission and is hidden from prying eyes by only printing when a password is entered on the control panel. Perfect for workgroup environments, this means that your confidential documents won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Streamlined Process

Utilising the latest FUJIFILM Cloud Service Hub, the DocuPrint CM315z gives users the ability to access files in multiple listed cloud storage, including One Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive, all through a single search saving both time and effort.