As part of an increasingly connected global marketplace, Australia is in the midst of a significant transition.

Across the country, businesses are beginning to examine their “business as usual” traditional processes and infrastructure, while new technologies promise a better way of achieving goals.

The need to digitise and automate information held within the organisation has led to the recognition of the value that best of breed office printing solutions can provide.

By digitising and automating information, as well as efficiently securing data, businesses can streamline problem solving and move away from manual, high cost and time intensive processes, and are able to be both agile and secure.

These are solutions that can be used by any business, no matter the size or scope of operations.

In a recent report, CSIRO Strategy 2020, it was explained that whilst Australia was built on the foundations of agriculture and heavy manufacturing, the commoditisation of the global economy and the emergence of agricultural, manufacturing and production powerhouses in the developing world means that it’s time to push technology, and focus on innovation as the means to transform how the Australian economy functions, and thrives.

Time to innovate

CSIRO crowd-sourced ideas from more than 7,000 people across their own organisation, the public and various thought leaders to come up with the new strategy, which identified the challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed if Australia is to become a “high performing innovation economy”.

While the lessons outlined in the report are applicable to the country as a whole, there are valuable lessons for businesses in particular.

1) More from less

One of the key drivers for businesses in adopting new technologies is the desire to drive more activity for the same or lower cost or resource impact.

By digitising information, for example, businesses can reduce the amount of paper used on a daily basis, the need for filing systems and the time staff spend searching for information.

Instead, all necessary information is stored in a fast, secure digital solution.

Not only does this reduce the direct costs associated with paper purchase and storage, it saves time and therefore money in overhead to be deployed on more customer focussed and value added activity.

2) Business Focus, Customer Outcomes, Technology Support

The pace of change in technology and the rate of new platform innovation and development hasn’t slowed – if anything, things are moving faster than ever.

Across the country, companies are engaging with these new technologies to varying degrees of success, with the most successful engagements immersing themselves in the new platforms and the processes they support, with business outcomes front and centre.

With continued growth in device connectivity, data volumes and the number of internet users, technology properly supported and applied will give the opportunities companies need to succeed.

Failing to do this, or deploying lower quality or poorly configured and supported technology solutions and services, will leave a long, hard road ahead for those organisations in this category.

3) Great expectations

As a business manager, you will be well aware that your customers now have higher expectations of your service delivery than ever before.

Take for example the rise in sustainability initiatives, as customers start to favour those organisations with a green focus, and make selection decisions based on the presence of a fully supported and engaged CSR strategy and sustainability policy.

Part of ensuring that you are equipped to meet your customers demands involves your approach to innovating through technology.

Achieving your goals via technology enablement is achievable for all businesses, with the right technology, and the right partner supporting you.

Next generation solutions

When working with FUJIFILM, your business will have access to a wide range of market leading solutions; solutions that will help you reduce and manage your cost base more effectively, boost your effort to be a more responsible organisation through sustainability in your supply chain and partner network, and improving the quality, quantity and relevance of your communications and marketing with all stakeholders.

One example of a solution that can transform your business can be found in the suite of intelligent cost management solutions.

These solutions can help organisations essentially do more with less, by driving cost savings and boosting profits through the utilisation of capable new solutions and through the in depth real time reporting and data based analysis provided.

Additionally, document process automation can make it easy to connect mobile workers to the office, which in turn means there’s little disconnect between external members of the team and those based inside the office.

Other solutions available from FUJIFILM can assist your business when it comes to setting sustainability targets and measuring the environmental benefits of changes within the business.

In turn, this can help with employee recruitment, buy-in and customer and market engagement.

In short, Australia as a market is continuing to evolve, and is transitioning from a manufacturing, mining and agricultural base to a commoditised service and innovation economy.

In every business across the country, new technologies are embedding into daily operations, improving processes, customer experience and business performance.

Speak to us today to find out how we can empower your organisation.


Original Article via FUJIFILM