Large enterprises receive and produce thousands of documents every day.

Success in business is determined by their ability to effectively manage those documents and make the most out of the information they contain.

So they can run their operations efficiently, serve their customers and partners well and grow their businesses.

According to ABBYY surveys*:

• about 57% of respondents are complaining not being able to make changes to PDF documents

• 32% say they are frustrated retyping paper-based documents, scans or PDFs;

• up to 28% say they manually compare two versions of a document line-by-line.

Even if your company already has some established document workflows, there is always room for improvement.

Many of the documents you work with may still be on paper, and it is difficult to manage paper documents efficiently in our increasingly digital world.

According to IDC report**, 80% of document-based processes are at least partly dependent on paper.

And the number of scanned PDFs is growing with every year with scanned PDFs accounting for a third of all existing PDFs.

Your company can lose significant time and money trying to access, use and share the information contained within paper documents.

Digital documents can also present challenges.

Documents received from customers, partners or vendors often come in variable types and formats.

They can be in Microsoft® Word, PDF or scans and may or may not be searchable and editable. So you always need to be well equipped and ready.

Video: How to Search in a Scanned PDF

* ABBYY online surveys in Europe among office employees and IT specialists, November 2016.
** IDC White Paper “Addressing the Document Disconnect”, March 2015. 

Original Article via ABBYY