Cisco and Local Measure are embracing customer insights and secure network to deliver a world-class experience to over 8 million visitors and keep them coming back.


The Opera House is one of the most visited performing arts centres in the world, and obviously that means that the visitor experience is an important aspect of everything that we do.

We welcome 8.2 million visitors of the Opera House each year.

We have a lot of visitors from overseas and they expect that they’ll be able to stay connected when they visit any Opera House.

They expect that they can share their experiences with their friends and family.

Wi-fi is really key in a belief that on a day-to-day basis local measure gives us a huge amount of insight into who’s visiting the Opera House site, what they’re doing and what they’re talking about.

We use the local measure platform every day and its helped create really incredible customer experiences by deeply connecting a business and a brand with their customers.

We partner with Cisco to help create a connected precinct to understand who’s coming to the venue; their preferences when they have an issue so we can resolve it.

Ultimately, all of the data feeds into a single view of a customer.

So, you can keep your loyal customers engaged and keep them coming back to have a world-class experience.

We’ve had a long relationship with Cisco.

My team and I look after everything here around the data centre, including computer storage networking.

The Cisco team were absolutely fantastic to work with, they answered all my questions and worked in my teams to ensure the implementation was smooth, safe, secure, and easy to manage.

Working closely with Cisco, and the data we obtained from the CMS and local measures, we were able to kind of identify areas that we needed to put more access and more coverage for our patrons.

Local measure adds business value on top of Cisco’s core to create a single integrated solution for a client like the Sydney Opera House.