The Stories of Our People

Great customer service starts with having a great team of people.  Our people not only have the skills to get the job done efficiently, they do so with a smile and respect for the client to deliver a high quality experience. Meet some of the XBC People below.


Martin Gleeson

“At the end of the day our main focus is to keep our customers businesses running, keep their solutions running and that will ensure that their businesses keep growing” – Martin Gleeson, XBC Service Operations Manager


Jamie Sonego

“We take care of IT issues so our customers can focus on growing their business.” – Jamie Sonego IT Account Manager


Natalie Davies

“A place where everyone smiles at each other each day.” – Natalie Davies, XBC Service Coordinator


Phone Htet

“My goal is, I’m here to build the trust and relationship here between external and internal customers, and also my clients can trust that I can maintain their problems in a timely manner” – Phone Htet, XBC Service Engineer