Revolutionise the way your business can collaborate, interact, learn & communicate. Instant Whiteboarding, web browsing, screenshare all without a laptop or PC connected.

  • Android 8

  • 4K Resolution

  • 20 Point touch, 1mm accuracy

  • Premium Anti-glare glass

  • Blue Light eye-care

  • Built-in web browser, whiteboard & screenshare

  • 3 Year onsite Warranty

  • Built-in wifi & OPS Slot

  • Premium audio including built-in Subwoofer

  • PCAP Touch Technology (Pulse Series)

Australia’s Favourite Interactive Touchscreen

  • CommBox Classic V3 Touchscreen
    Classroom or boardroom interactivity has never been easier or more intuitive. Use the touchscreen solo, connect your personal device or add the optional PC to the built-in OPS slot. V3 is the most versatile CommBox Classic model yet.

  • CommBox Pulse V3 Touchscreen
    Exceptionally designed from start to finish, the CommBox Pulse V3 will elevate not only the aesthetics of any room it features in, but the functionality and flexibility of the space.

  • Use your own laptop or PC
    Connect your laptop wirelessly and the CommBox V3 becomes an extension of your personal device. Connect up to 4 devices at one time, including phones and tablets. This makes for an entirely flexible meeting space or boardroom. You can opt to meet traditionally, present from the back of the room, or have all eyes on you and your content, as you control your device from the CommBox remotely.