By using Cloud Services businesses can access their critical applications from any location, device or connection type. Your business will reduce its need to continually invest in and maintain its own ICT assets and capabilities.

On Premise Cloud

XBC IT Solutions recognises that just because the infrastructure is on the client site doesn’t necessarily mean that the client wants to own the hardware therefore in the right scenario as it fits the requirement we can offer an on-premise solution as a service.

Hybrid Cloud

A number of IT solution companies have made huge investments in infrastructure so that they can offer a hosted solution. The problem is that many of them now have to recoup that investment quickly so they can only offer hosted cloud solutions, whereas the majority of businesses only have certain core business applications that can run over the required internet size connection. XBC IT Solutions recognise this so we only offer what is right for our clients, if some of your business applications need to run on-premise then that’s what we will provide and then we can strategically look at hosting the rest. This way our clients are happy with the streamlined service as well as the performance.

Offsite Cloud

As a Telstra Cloud Partner, XBC can offer you a flexible, secure and reliable way to manage your ICT in a hosted cloud. Offering world class infrastructure and access to the largest fully integrated and most reliable IP networks in Australia, we can help you match your ICT to business goals and budgets.

Microsoft Office 365

The majority of our clients are Microsoft Small Business Server customers therefore they have housed most of their core business functions on one powerful server over the last decade or so. Due to the increased functionality of the messaging component (Microsoft Exchange) Microsoft have now stopped producing SBS and their recommendation is to move email over to Microsoft Office 365 which is a cloud solution. In Australia the only way to purchase the business version of Office 365 and you are below 250 seats is via Telstra.

As a long term Telstra and Microsoft Partner, XBC IT Solutions are able to offer and support your business on Office 365 which combines a set of Microsoft hosted communications and collaboration solutions that are delivered to our clients as a subscription. This suite of enterprise-class services enables businesses of all sizes to improve their productivity without the need to maintain a complex IT infrastructure of their own.