Document Management Software

Reduce the time you spend searching for documents or recreating them with our document storage, archival and management solutions. Our document management software can achieve significant cost savings and efficiencies, with higher standards of compliance and accuracy. FUJIFILM also offers the most effective means of sharing radiological images for the medical community. Medical practitioners can even annotate for clarifications. For the gold standard in document management systems, choose FUJIFILM.

Document Scanning Software

Don’t just copy paper documents into soft images – convert them into knowledge by using our scanning software solutions. EzeScan software has a suite of scanning and import features that are easy to use, allow batch scans, and enable you to enhance image features, making it easier to discern words and images. With a range of output features including deployment options, our EzeScan scanning solution is the most convenient way to scan. Scan to PC Desktop professional assists in scanned document management and character recognition. For high end, multiple user, remote access and network tracking solutions.

Cost Management Software Solutions

Reduce your printing costs and minimise wastage with our cost management software solutions for printers. Analyse the cost to print in your organisation and increase your bottom line. Control access to printer functions, track print usage, set print quotas and enable users to print from the most convenient location, including mobile and tablet devices. With Image Gateway for Apeos you can improve your office staff’s experience, reduce print costs, optimise print volumes on all your devices and ensure each workgroup has the appropriate technology. Alternatively, My Prints effectively manages your printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners to eliminate wastage and ensure accountability of printing costs for your team.

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