Over the last few months FUJIFILM Australia has been reviewing the literature on the future of work, looking out to 2023.

The good news!

We don’t believe it is all doom and gloom, contrary to some of the research.

The robots are not taking over any time soon.

In fact, our catch cry is “Co Work, not No Work”.

We believe that people will use technology (co-work) to augment their roles or take over more mundane tasks.

Jobs will exist, they may just be different.

So, what does the future look like?

The transition to the future of work

The transition to this future work environment, as with all big changes, is going to be stuttered and staggered.

Some organisations will move faster than others and investment in technology will be required.

However, with digital transformation accelerating and a whole new generation entering the workforce, organisations need to be setting themselves up for a successful future now, taking advantage of the efficiencies and productivity that such changes can offer in the longer term.

By the same token, employees need to embrace the changes and enable themselves to develop and learn to work with the analytics tools and intelligence available to them today.

So, what does this mean for schools?

Many education institutions are already taking steps to enable students to transition into work more successfully:

  • More collaborative projects to address a world where virtual teaming is essential
  • Increased use of mobile and cloud connectivity to facilitate flexible learning and work styles
  • Reinforcing the importance of empathy and human relationships to build future people leaders who can deal with multi-generational, multi skilled and multi-faceted teams.
  • Emphasising critical and strategic thinking, high order functions that differentiate humans from robotics and give value to our skills

For anyone interested in further reading, the Foundation for Young Australians has conducted some excellent research on future skills, changing work dynamics and changing mindsets. We encourage you to visit their research. https://www.fya.org.au/our-research/.

How FUJIFILM can help?

FUJIFILM is already working with schools to optimise, integrate and automate their workplaces.

We are increasingly introducing digital solutions, including document management and business process automation.

Our flexible contracts extend beyond managed print services into areas, including facilities management, where schools pay for use of services in a utility model driven by the flexible work environment they offer to their teams.

Original via FUJIFILM