Scanning and archiving documents are probably some of the most time consuming tasks for any business. It’s crucial to keep your information, but how can you do so with ease and efficiency?

Scanning can be a nuisance

Older scanners are usually slow, prone to pulling pages through misaligned and generally have difficulty capturing the full image and detail required. In addition, they are traditionally limited to processing only a few pages per scan. After scanning, users can find limitations in how they can save the image in their desired file format, direct the scan to a specific network location and name the file from the device.

Let’s leave hard copies behind

Using new high speed Xerox Scanning technology, you can now scan both sides of a page in one pass, auto detect colour or black and white, remove speckles and blank pages, properly align documents and dramatically improve the quality of all scanned materials. Scanned documents can easily be named from the scanner and converted to searchable PDF, Word or Excel file formats on the fly which saves significant user time. And finally, scanned documents can be delivered directly from the scanner into the desired network folder and even initiate automated notifications to other parties when the transfer is finished.

XBC’s scanning technology saves you both time and money in equal measure, why wait? Get in touch with the XBC team today on 1300 170 491 and we can help you find the tools you need.