Cisco Partner Success Story

Original Article via Cisco 

People come to Las Vegas to take chances and dream big.

With more than 2.5 million residents and an average 30 to 50 million visitors a year, we’re talking a lot of big dreams.

And the city has big dreams of its own.

In 2016, city leaders created a vision statement as part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge.

The key question: How could technology help attract new business and improve the quality of life for residents – today and for tomorrow?

The exercise became a road map for the city’s digital transformation.

The leaders knew they wanted to build an innovation hub downtown, starting with 10 of the city’s bustling intersections.

And they needed the right partner to bring it to life.

Our reputation as a global leader in IT integration gave us a winning hand.

And, as Lady Luck would have it, DynTek already had a strong presence in Las Vegas.

We knew the local players and the lay of the land.

As a Cisco Gold Partner, DynTek turned to products they know well: Cisco’s Core Infrastructure and Connected Digital Platform.

Implementation included IE 4000 switches to control street lights; Meraki access points and cameras to count vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic; and programmable applications and environmental sensors to monitor other day-to-day functions.

All of which would improve traffic flow, which means fewer idling cars and less CO2.

This also gives law enforcement new tools to keep their people safe, and city officials could receive and analyze cross-agency data more efficiently.

From self-driving cars to trash sensors that tell the city when to pick up, the corridor is now a place to test new technologies.

Smartphone-enabled apps are also in the works to help people see things like what bus is coming and when.

With the right integration blueprint, DynTek and Cisco partnered to put Las Vegas on the map of smart cities in the making.

Original Article via Cisco