What is value? Value is a fair and reasonable exchange of goods and services at a particular price. Clients could be seduced by cheaper prices but are you aware of what you are getting and what that could mean for your business in the long term? So why it is important to know what value is? Value isn’t about the price and it isn’t even about what you are getting.  Its’s about what that can do for your business.

For example, just yesterday a gentlemen came in and said that he was going to buy a cheap printer down the road;  I asked him why? I suggested that 90% of customers go on print management plans, and what that means is they can get better quality equipment with lower running costs, which adds value to the business in the long run. When speaking with providers, it’s important to have that value conversation and make sure that the equipment you are getting matches with your current business operations and what might be the case in the future.

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